All Terrain/Utility Vehicle Injury Attorney Fort Worth, TX

All-Terrain Vehicles (Quads/Quad Bikes, Three Wheelers, Four Wheelers) and Utility Vehicles (A truck with load sides designed to carry small loads, such as a Polaris Ranger, also known as “side by sides”) are very common recreationally and commercially. These types of vehicles serve an important purpose in many of our lives, whether for entertainment or, more often, in helping us make a living.

While people use these vehicles as a pastime or for work, they can cause devastating injuries including maiming and killing their riders.

In 2011, there was over 100,000 ATV-related incidents that resulted in a person visiting an Emergency Room. 29,000 or 27 percent of these incidents involved a driver under the age of sixteen. We all want our children to enjoy themselves and have thrilling experiences, but not at the expense of safety. And these injuries can be quite severe. In fact, 75 percent of these incidents result in minor to serious brain and spinal cord injuries.

To avoid injury while driving these vehicles, riders should always wear a helmet and make sure those driving are old enough to do so and have had the proper training and experience. Drivers must also be cautious when turning these vehicles, especially on any type of incline or at significant speed, as these vehicles can easily tip over causing severe injury and death. If you’re involved in an ATV or Utility Vehicle wreck or other similar injury, Samples Ames is available to consult with you at no charge on the best way to move forward.

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