Fort Worth Bus Accident Attorney

Public transportation is a major part of the DFW area. City and school buses can be seen at all times of the day and night on the road. Bus travel is a part of our community.  With buses being so common, crashes on the road are sure to happen, and because these are such large vehicles, the chance for serious injury and death is great.  In 2015, over 145,000 Large Truck/Bus Collisions were reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Of those reported, 3,598 Collisions were fatal and 83,000 caused minor to serious injuries to those involved. That means over 59% of crashes resulted in either death or an Injury. Those who drive buses and other large vehicles must be professionals in the field of driving and must be held to that standard so that we are all safe travelling on our roads. Bus transportation provides a valuable service to our community, but it must be carried out by qualified drivers that are correctly trained and supervised. By enforcing these standards throughout are community, bus transportation is safer for our community and our roads are safer overall. We at Samples Ames would like to help those involved in Large Truck/Bus Collisions in the DFW area and have the experience to do so.

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