Fort Worth Industrial Accident Lawyer

The United States of America is one of the top manufacturing countries in the World. That means there are many industrial facilities all over the country. Although there are agencies and policies in place to keep these facilities safe for all those around, incidents and severe injuries still occur. In 2015 OSHA reported that 4,386 workers were killed on the job and 10.5 accidents occurred per 100 workers. That’s more than one out of every ten workers. We all recall the tragic explosion in West, Texas, 18 miles north of Waco, Texas, where 15 people lost their life, over 160 were injured, and 150 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, irresponsible companies often cut corners, place profits over safety, and fail to properly train those they put in charge of inherently dangerous activities. As a result, industrial incidents are much more common than you would think. These companies must know that if they act irresponsibly and try to save money by cutting corners, they will be held accountable and it will cost them dearly. Demand proper representation from a law firm who cares and has the experience to take on these irresponsible companies—like Samples Ames.

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