Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Worth

The roads are like the ocean. There are big and small machines across America and tractor-trailers are the whales of the road. They’re the biggest vehicles that we can see and are the most dangerous. With such size, comes great responsibility. Those who drive tractor-trailers must be specially trained to be the safest drivers on the road. While you are 20 times more likely to be involved in a car to car accident than in a car to 18-wheeler accident, the injuries when an 18-wheeler collision occurs are typically nothing short of horrific. In fact, in the case of tractor trailer collisions, there is an estimated 98% likelihood that someone has lost their life. This leads to extreme losses, even for those who survive, including lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of career, loss of life, loss of mobility, paralysis, death, and more. As professional drivers, truckers and trucking companies must comply with important federal and state rules that are meant to keep drivers on our roads safe. Samples Ames holds trucking companies and their drivers to those standards put in place to protect us all from serious injury and death. Let Samples Ames evaluate your potential case today and engage in a free strategy session with you concerning your tractor-trailer collision.

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