Fort Worth Slipped Disc Injury Law Firm

The spinal column consists of a series of vertebrae stacked on top of one another. Each of these vertebrae have a disc that protects and cushions them while we perform our everyday activities such as walking and bending. These discs consist of an inner part that is similar to a soft gelatin and an outside portion that is tougher and contains the gelatinous substance within it. A slipped disc injury occurs when the outer ring becomes weak and/or torn and the inner portion slips out.  A disc can slip out when turning or lifting an object and those who work at a physically-demanding workplace are at an increased risk for a slipped disc. They are also a common result of car wrecks due to the immense amount of pressure applied to the spinal column.  The pressure from the collision can cause the disc to slip out and press on the nerves, which can cause extreme back, neck, leg, and hand pain. A common symptom is numbness and tingling in your arms and legs as well as pain radiating down the nerve into your extremities. If you feel this type of pain, it is imperative that you get checked immediately to prevent further injury and begin the healing process. Going untreated can make your injuries much worse and ultimately cost you more pain and money. In fact, a slipped disc injury can cause you significant problems down the road if not properly handled. Any time you are in a collision you should talk to a personal injury attorney to make sure you are properly protected. Samples Ames has experienced attorneys ready to help you with any injury you suffer due to the wrongful or negligent acts of others.

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