Negligent Security Accident Lawyer Fort Worth,TX

Most hospitals, businesses, buildings, and parking garages have security for the safety of everyone around. We trust that this security will protect us while we visit, live, or work at these places. But just as there are careless, reckless, and irresponsible drivers on the road, there are careless, reckless, and irresponsible premise owners. These premise owners take our money and, in return, owe us appropriate protections while we are on their premises. This is especially so in high-crime areas or areas where the owner has reason to know that certain crimes are likely to occur or there has been a rash of certain types of crimes. We have a right to be safe in these places Examples of places where negligent security can occur include parking lots, stadiums, nursing homes, hospitals, apartment complexes, and nightclubs. Many factors affect your case value and the merit of your claim in these types of cases such as the injuries suffered, the previous crimes within the area, the predictability of the crime or danger, and the specific crime that was committed. As an example, if a parking garage owner or manager is aware that multiple rapes have occurred in its dimly lit, unpatrolled parking garage that lacks patrolling security officers, then that owner or manager could be negligent in their security of the property. Owners and managers have a duty to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken to protect those visiting their facility. Negligent security can lead to significant monetary loss, temporary and permanent injuries, and even death. These cases can be complicated and it is important to contact attorneys experienced in the field. Contact Samples Ames today for a free strategy session to see how to move your case forward.

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