Education can reduce risk of child abuse

Once again, delivery of the morning newspaper brings reports of another child sexually molested by her teacher. According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, PE teacher Todd Allen Reich—who is already in prison for molesting a 9 year-old student in 2009—had been charged with more molestations in 2012. Here’s the interesting part: The 2009 victim did not notify anyone until 2012, after she moved to a new school and saw a video about “inappropriate touching.”

The article credits the Plano school district with “increased security efforts,” but why not increasing educational efforts? It was those efforts that let the 2009 victim know to come forward, and by doing so, she likely protected other potential victims from harm. It worked here, and it can work in other situations.
Lauren’s Kids

South Florida’s Lauren Book founded Lauren’s Kids to educate adults and children about sexual abuse prevention. Ms. Book has stated that she is a survivor of long-term sexual abuse and uses Lauren Kid’s to keep South Florida’s children safe through combination of formal addition to school curricula information campaigns to promote awareness. If a single video can have such a profound effect in Plano, think what a serious effort could do?

Lauren’s Kids is on the web at But take a look at that is a product of work by the Lauren’s Kids organization. The organization provide multi-lingual educational brochures, posters, parent tool-kits and checklists to better equip children, educators, and parents to recognize abuse. Techniques that are proven in Florida can be helpful in Texas.