Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Fort Worth,TX

How do you get to work every day? Do you ever cross the street when visiting locales around town? Do your children cross the street when walking to school or visiting friends? Whether we take public transportation like the bus or train, drive our own personal car, or catch a ride with a friend or loved one, we all have times when we must cross roads of travel. This is especially true for those of us who work in downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth. Everyone is trying to get where they need to be, on time and in a hurry. With cell phone use skyrocketing, the danger to pedestrians caused by distracted drivers is real and significant. This leaves pedestrians vulnerable to distracted and unsafe drivers daily. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 150,000 pedestrians were sent to the emergency room for injuries in 2013 alone, and over 4,000 pedestrians were killed. This averages out to a pedestrian being killed every two hours and a pedestrian being injured every eight minutes. Every time we cross a street we are 50% more likely to be killed in a pedestrian-car collision than in a motor vehicle collision. Even more shockingly, a recent study from the Governors Highway Safety Association found that in the last two years, pedestrian fatalities have increased by twenty-two percent. Such a dramatic increase in such a short time period is nothing short of an epidemic and represents a crisis in our community. Drivers must pay attention to the street, and always be on the lookout for pedestrians. Samples Ames is dedicated to curbing this epidemic by enforcing the rules of the road for our community. Choose an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to handle your pedestrian injury case, choose Samples Ames Law Firm.

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