Railroad Accident Lawyer Fort Worth

DART and “The T” are very prevalent in the DFW area. We see the buses and trains all throughout the day in residential and commercial areas. If you drive or ride in a car, you’re almost guaranteed to pass over rail road tracks no matter where you are. Even though there are precautions to prevent us from being involved in a train or railroad wreck, they are more common than we would like to admit. Over 100,000 people ride the train daily and millions of tickets are sold every year. In 2013, over 4,000 railway-involved collisions were recorded and 891 included death. For everyone’s safety, we should understand the rules of the road regarding trains and railroads. While none of us want to be injured or killed from the trains we use often, collisions will happen if train companies are not held to the standard required of a company engaging in such a dangerous activity. Trains have the ability to cause mayhem and carnage if not properly maintained and operated. If you find yourself the victim of a railroad or train injury, consider Samples Ames to protect your rights and seek redress on your behalf.

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